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twin tube srtucture

  • Single way high precision inner oil tube
  • Low-pressure nitrogen structure
  • Multi-lips twin oil seal structure
  • Dual guided high radiating oil flow design
  • Rebounding damping stepping get substantial adjustment
  • Actuate smoothly, damping durable low recession
  • Durable oil can be applied on Celsius -40 degrees
  • Super-hardened surface of piston rod

mono tube structure

  • single opening high precision oil tube assembly
  • High-pressure nitrogen gas compression structure
  • Multi-layers multi-lips pressure oil seal
  • Rebounding and compression damping adjustable simultaneously
  • Large piston design travel smoothly
  • Durable oil can be applied on Celsius -40 degrees
  • Super-hardened surface of piston rod, gets ultra durable damping performance

unique pillow ball performance

Use high-strength pillow ball, with anti-shock patent structure, get better durability and better handling. Unique upper mount with structural design, let car chassis force become equality, makes pillow ball structure flexible and practical actuation, and reflect the road reaction faithfully.

steady metal welding technic.

Use all-metal brackets, with the same installation position of OEM, by precise laser cutting sheet metal, using high-intensity MIG welding technology to ensure that products without fracture risk and ensure safe installation.

Damping adjustment and electranic damping adjustment

With djustable damping structure, can adjust 28 adjustment sections, reaching into the linear damping phases changes, customer can adjust damping according to his preference. New patterns electronic damping adjustment structure, we use ultra-thin motor, with wireless signal link, customer can easily adjust the damping forces, simple installation, enhance your damping adjustment and passion.

Endurance testing and cold-resistant testing

Our shocks passed ARTC vehicle hydraulic system durability testing, 80-hour durability testing, maintain substantial actuation, no oil leakage occurred during the testing. After tested, damper force decline is below 3% Russian regions actual driving test, the oil does not freeze, won’t cause vehicle mount problem nor noise, and also prevent oil seal be damaged due snow or dust, with the best performance in that area.